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Our Therapists

Dorothea Schüler has studied and worked in Munich, Hamburg, Paris and London. As a writer for newspapers and cultural magazines and as an editor and journalist for cultural and art TV programmes in Germany, she discovered her interest in Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Adding to her MA in Linguistics from the University of Hamburg, Dorothea subsequently trained in Psychodynamic Psychodrama at the Ella Mae Shearon Institute in Cologne and at the Scena Institute in Hamburg.

Progressing to the role of trainer, Dorothea gained extensive experience as a trainer at the Scena Institute in Hamburg, facilitating seminars and training groups in psychodynamic psychodrama for clinicians, social workers, team managers, creative and freelance professionals and students.

In London, Dorothea obtained her MA in Counselling Psychology and her Post MA Diploma in Existential Counselling Psychology at Regent’s College. As a Chartered Psychologist she is a full member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is registered with the Health Professional Council (HPC) as a Counselling Psychologist.

Dorothea now works in private practice and is a Senior Associate Therapist at the London Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience with groups and individuals in a one-to-one setting have shown her how a wide range of psychological suffering (such as depression, sexual problems, loneliness, worries, work-place problems, fears, lack of confidence, decision-making problems, commitment issues, addictions, and identity crisis) is often caused by self-protective, yet unhelpful patterns of relating to others. In her work with individuals, Dorothea continues to be specifically interested in the psychotherapy of a person’s past and present relational struggles, be it with family members, partners, friends, lovers or at the work place.

Dorothea practices from our locations in Regent Street and Liverpool Street, offering both short-term and long-term counselling and psychotherapy.


Other Therapists:

Anja Trenkle
Margot O'Donoghue